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Meet Amy Arbuckle
I am fascinated by the structure and detail of gardens and pay very close attention to this when designing. Just as every plant contains a unique pattern, beauty, and sense of place so too should every garden. I'm careful to ensure my designs integrate a home’s architecture into its existing natural surroundings. I combine a background in horticulture, landscape design, and art, with a love of plants to create enduring designs. Reflecting a diversity of clients and locations, my projects have ranged in size and scope from postage stamp to a few acres, from seasonal color to complete master plans. I encourage the use of organic amendments and Florida native plants to maximize soil health, increase pollination, and provide year round drought tolerant beauty for your home habitat.

I believe strong design, or Good Bones as the English call it, provides the underpinnings of the garden. I believe if one approaches the work with integrity then the result is attractive in every sense of the word. Overall, one of the great joys of my work is the ongoing relationship I have with clients and their gardens.

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